Description: Contains project concept in video form - a screen recording of someone navigating a 3-dimensionalcolour space within the Unity program.

Video length: 0:39

Note: Private & Confidential | Work in development. Please do not share.

Colour/ Space

(2019 - in development)

The Colour / Space began as a thought experiment around the idea of an interactive colour and audio spectrum within a physical space; could sound and colour be connected in an interactive and experiential way? If so, what would that look like and how would people be able to interact with that space.


Through having worked with programmers through game jams I began to see that some of my ideas could be expressed and understood in tangible ways through the digital medium. This would allow for first drafts that could be interacted with and experimented with. Hence I began the first phase of development of the colour space with Elijah Cauley (programmer &  collaborator on STATIC).​






The following video is the first step (Phase 1) towards realising how a 3-dimensional colour space would behave.

The colour space is interactive and was built using Unity.

RGB values are attached to X,Y,Z axis. With brightness values working diagonally through the cubed space.

The subsequent phases will deal with how to incorporate sound in this space and how to map this into the real world using motion tracking technology.

The 3 values at the bottom of the screen indicate where in the colour space the user is.

RED number = X value | GREEN number = Y value | BLUE number  = Z value

The following is a diagram representation of how the RGB and light values are organised in the colour space.

RED is assigned to the X value

GREEN is assigned to the Y value

BLUE is assigned to the Z value

Luminosity is assigned diagonally through the cube meaning that if you were to travel through the dotted line (below) the 'colour' experience would go from BLACK to GREY to WHITE.


Contained within this cube are 16,777,216 possible colours and colour locations.









At this point:

x = 0, y = 0, z = 0​

At this point:

x = 256, y = 256, z = 256​