''Letters' is an ongoing project that I consider an extended body of continual work. In the project I am aiming to collaborate with multiple artists with whom I do not share a common language or mother tongue. The intention is to remove everyday language and use our practice to convey language and meaning.

It is a quiet hope that eventually, a new common language might be created through this process.

The guidance for this project is currently as follows;

> An artist and I agree to send each other letters in the medium of our choice.

> The letters are sent one at a time, back and forth, between the two artists.

> Each letter has to be a new work and must be in response to the previous received letter.

> Words and written language should be avoided (unless it is an aspect of the practice).

> The medium for each letter can change and evolve over time.

> That each artist should treat the other as a pen-pal.

> There is no defined end point to each collaboration.






The following is in collaboration with Taiwanese artist Lee Yuan Ching.

Lee sent the first letter.

We have exchanged 3 letters so far...

Letter 1.jpg
Letter 2.jpg
Letter 3.jpg