Whilst I have been making music for as far back as I can remember, a large part of my professional music life has involved playing and performing in bands.


The music below is very dear to me.


(2004 - 2009 / 2018 - present)

Łoł (pronounced 'woah') is a long-term experiment on the possibilities of aleatoric (chance-influenced) music. Its members are Victor Konieczney and Amit Rai Sharma (and occasional special guests).


By using dice / coin / cards the entire creative process is dictated by randomness and chance. They began to realise that the 'music' is, in many ways, secondary to the process and that the process itself was something that began to draw out a different type of creativity from them.


In 2018 it was decided that Łoł would:

(a) begin releasing the results of their musical experiments throughout 2019 and

(b) begin creating physical cards with rule-sets as well as digital applications through which to share this experimental process.


Ex Libras

(2008 - present)

Ex Libras are a 3-piece alternative band made up of Ross Kenning (drums), Kieran Nagi (piano & synth bass), and Amit Rai Sharma (guitar & vocals & samples).

Together they have been writing and releasing their own brand of noise independently since 2010 through their own record label 'Wirebird'.


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