Amit Rai Sharma

Sound Artist | Musician

London, UK

Amit Rai Sharma is a London-based Sound Artist.

As a musician, he is currently working on a series of recordings:

- Experimental chance-influenced electronica music (with ŁoŁ)

- A collection of compositions from previously exhibited sound works

- His first collection of songs as a solo performer.

Examples of compositional work can be heard in the player directly below.

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Upcoming Live shows

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Note for visitors.

This site contains the music, work, and writings of Amit Rai Sharma.

It is a continual work in progress.

The Newsletter promise by Amit Rai Sharma

Amit does a lot of things:

He writes, he records, he performs, he releases, and he makes videos.

He puts on exhibitions, he works with artists, he works with game developers, and he mentors young people.

He climbs, he reads, he games, he makes jokes and

he dreams of learning wing-chun...

But he doesn't spam.

All this to say that by signing up to this newsletter you're letting Amit know that you'd like to know when he's doing some of those things.

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