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Fading Memories - Live


'Fading Memories - Live' is a live and improvised soundscape response, provided as a live soundtrack to multiple play-throughs of the board game; 'Fading Memories' - a co-operative board game designed by Matteo Menapace. Fading Memories - Live is inspired by personal experiences with Dementia.

The event took place at 'Digital Design Weekend' 21-22 September 2019, at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Each performance was 1-hour long. This is a small excerpt of the type of audio that was generated from the live sampling process

The audio demonstrates how the composition unfolds and develops in real-time. Inspired by the concept of degenerative processes within the brain, the microphone takes all incoming audio (the shared stories) and outputs cut-up segments of audio to multiple channels, each containing various self-automating fx-racks.

There were multiple play-throughs / 'experiences' across 2 days. These experiences also involved a live painting response element (by artist Aimee Johannan).

Image copyright © Matteo Menapace

The game is a 'hack' of the classic board game 'memory' where you turn over tiles in hopes of finding pairs. The 'hack' turns the focus of the game to memory loss. You can learn more about the game by visiting:

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