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'Glice' is a hybrid object that is part sculpture, part photography, and part spatial sound installation. Created in collaboration with artist Diego Brambilla, the object both emits sound, and exists within a sound-field.

This is the Private View / Performance version of the sound installation -

combing all sonic elements as one playable file

The sound element is both embedded within the sculpture (via speaker) as well as existing in the gallery space: (1) Mid-high frequency sounds exist at low volume and emit from inside the sculpture and (2) Low-mid frequency sounds that utilise external speakers and place the sculpture in an entirely new sonic environment.

Just as the sculpture visually plays with the glossy and reflective features of ice and confuses them with the greenish and clear transparency of the glass, so to the sound element blurs the sonic qualities of ice and glass.


The piece is made by collecting sounds of both glass and ice; Samples of glass being hit, glass smashing, glass being crushed, being filled by water, etc. This is juxtaposed with samples of ice cubes being dropped, and crushed, walked on, clinking in glasses, ice being chipped and ice cracking in water, etc.

It is where ideas of natural and man-made are completely mixed and blurred, twisting and reconfiguring the opposing states of natural and artificial.

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