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Lensdrift was a commissioned piece for the private view of an exhibition at Four Corners Gallery, Bethnal Green. The exhibition explored the idea of dream and reality through photography

Fig 1.

Lensdrift Image.png

The Goal:

To sonically divide the space so that one area was evocative of 'dreams' whilst the other was evocative of 'reality'.

The Problem:

Fig 1. show the primary issue of the space being connected. Any sound played anywhere within the gallery would carry across the whole space. If sound cannot exist in both spaces at the same time without interfering with each other, how then could sound be used to create 2 distinct aural spaces?

The Solution:

Speakers placed either side of the wall could project separate audio into SPACE A and B. Though audio would invariably carry from one room to the other (through reflections), there would still be a distinct separation between SPACE A and B.

Further separating the audio out and routing the LEFT channel to SPACE A and the RIGHT channel to SPACE B, allowed audio to 'swing' between the spaces without worrying about synchronisation issues.

The Composition:

The compositions above were created from the sampled sounds of the camera; clicks, flashes, beeps, lens zoom, film whirring, etc.


The final composition is comprised of 5 pieces, all of which contain both a 'reality' and 'dream' segment.

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