- 12/12/2020


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This entire live-stream will be dependent on the cellular / wifi available at the venue

So, live-stream eh? Very 2020. If all goes to plan you'll be watching Sam and Amit exchange vows, swap rings, and get a bit emotional (more likely Amit).

This is scheduled to start at 11am but the live stream might start at 10:50

(... he said, so optimistically).

This is all new and the first time we're trying this so fingers crossed it works, but you know what, even if it doesn't - No sweat! We're filming it anyway and we'll send the video to you afterwards.

As happy as we are being able to get married in the midst of all this madness, the saddest part is not being able to do it with everyone we love. So we made this little site to share the day, and some stupid things with you.

To make things easier for everyone this is a one-way share. You won't need to worry about muting your microphone, getting out any vanity lights, downloading any software or anything like that.

Just click play when the stream goes live and you're away!

Love to you all,

Amit & Sam

While you wait...

Fun facts

- Sam and Amit met in 2012 (when the world was supposed to end).

- Perhaps fitting that they are getting married in 2020 (which is probably what the mayans were on about).

- Amit proposed to Sam on 30th October 2017. It was cold then as well. Sam describes the event as "Amit fell down".

- Sam and Amit both did the exact same Fine art BA at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Even though they are one year apart in age, they graduated 6 years apart. Amit in 2006, Sam in 2012.

- In Indian tradition the dowry is given by the girls sides. In Taiwanese tradition, the dowry is given by the boys... I guess no-ones getting paid?!

- In Chinese astrology Sam is an Ox and Amit is a Rat. It's a strong match (Sam's parents also happen to be Rat and Ox).

- Sam and Amit first met in Richmond, on Richmond hill. Sam wore green jeans. Amit wore anxiety.

- Amit's official Taiwanese name is Ming-Wei.

- Sam has pointed out that Amit's toes are shaped like mushrooms.

- Due to covid, this'll be the 3rd time Amit's grown his hair. And 3rd times a charm because this time it looks fabulous.

- Arun (Amit's brother) is both best-man & bridesmaid.

- Sam is gluten intolerant but often forgets about her peanut allergy.

- Sam is a Gemini, Amit is Aquarius. Both are air signs. Probably why Sam's a bit empty headed and Amit farts a lot.

- Amit refers to Sam as Ducky. Sam refers to Amit as Gummy. This is because Sam follows Amit around like a duck, and Amit's ears are unusually soft (like gummy bear sweets).

- Sam is cooler than Amit.

- The Jury is out on who is funnier because Sam does some pretty funny photoshop. Both of their sense of humour is equally stupid though.

- Amit is browner than Sam.

- Sam didn't watch much TV until she met Amit.

- Sam didn't play video games all that much either.

- Sam's last name "Huang" means yellow (yup - the colour).

- Amit & Sam are both really quiet generally, but really loud when they're with people they love.

- Sam's favourite tea is bubble tea & indian chai and Amit's favourite drink is indian chai & bubble tea.

- Sam doesn't know kung-fu. Neither does Amit.

- Neither Sam nor Amit are active on social media, for pretty much the same personal reasons... which is a random coincidence.

- For their first proper date, they went to a tapas place in Richmond. The food gave Sam a massive bruise-like-rash all over her legs.

- Amit's eyelashes are longer than Sam's, but so is his nose hair.

Play with pics

Poser? Nah!
At Anisha's hen do
Lavender fields - what time's lunch?
Christmas day in Tainan
Who likes noodles - I likes noodles! (people in background not related to Sam)
Tainan Treehouse!
Taiwan 2019
Sam at her Muse residency show
Iceland - cold over there
Venice - for the Biennale
Doesn't she look... sweaty?
Complimentary colours?
Sam's first henna experience!
Looking over Hardknott pass
Xmas sunset Tainan
On the way to Solent Forts
Lockdown locks
At the Tate Modern
Venice Biennale 2019
Sam's birthday 2020
I think we look alright
Wandering the Weald
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IMA Photoshoot
Sam re-lives her Mario childhood
Amit, by Sam
squishy faaaace!
I'm here all night!
Dissertation locks
This is how winners sit
Sam really... and I mean really... likes breaking / destroying things
Pre-covid facemask concept
These are my wings
I love you coffee
Please nandos, may your wings be spicy
Are you thirsty?
Too tired
Too tired two
okay... ALL MINE! No one come near me...
Italian coffee
Xmas time 2018

I wonder if Sam will find this waaaay down here...?

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