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2014, 2015, 2016

Re:Re: is a collaborative installation combining Samantha Y Huang's site-specific book installation - 'Re:' - with a site-specific audio response.

An edited clip from the original (20minute) Re: Re: piece

'Re: Re:', is built almost entirely from samples made on-site during install; recorded sounds of Huang cutting and stapling paper, of twisting and hammering books to walls.


Also recorded were the sounds created by knocking and striking the physical surroundings of the installation; the walls, the steps, the railing and handrail that ran up and down the staircase. These collected samples formed the backbone of the piece.

Re:Re: has been installed at:

- Waterstones, Cambridge, as part of the Art:Language:Location (A:L:L) festival

- Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch as part of The Other Art Fair 2015

- Victoria House, Holborn as part of The Other Art Fair 2016

Site installation differences

For A:L:L festival, the composition was installed at the top of the staircase, outside the staff office, projecting down into the building. The piece was set to play at set intervals. A maximum of 3 times on selected days between the A:L:L festival, 15th Oct - 2nd Nov 2014.

For The Other Art Fair (2015 & 2016), the installation was repurposed and spread across the fair with sound elements hidden behind larger clusters of books.

The length of the full composition from start to finish is 19 minutes 24 seconds.

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