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THLEEP (therapy for sleep) — is a sound and light art performance; combined as a synaesthesia to reduce anxiety and promote healthier sleep cycles.​ The work is made as the collective;


The work combines research and data from neuro-acoustics and vision physiology, and seeks to locate itself within the pseudoscientific areas of positive / healing frequencies of light and sound.


In 2022, production developed a sound library of shorter audio interventions called 'haikoustics' - short-form audio and visual meditations - as a way of providing shorter bursts of hyper-focussed stillness and escape amidst a continually moving day-to-day world. This is on-going.

Multiple long-format (45-90 minute) audio-visual content was created for public performances, taking place online, and notably at Trellick50 film festival (2022), where Thleep.Earth took the last hour of scheduling for the run of the festival.

Images from ' Relaxation Hours', Trellick50 Festival 2022

2019 - 2021

Between 2019 & 2020, production built towards a winter festival environment preview in 2021. The event promoted the positive attributes of sleep towards improved mental health – especially during winter months.


The performances of light and sound explored the compounding relationship of art, science and community; an anxiolytic to calm the nerves and combat the stresses of day to day life with people set to invest in their better health.

Images from ' [preview event]', Tavistock Festival 2021

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